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Buying premium video with endemic sites will get you high quality content but lackluster reach. Clearstream's access to millions of sites with premium, high quality content ensures you get the best of both worlds without high costs and wasted impressions.


Clearstream's advanced targeting and stream discovery platform outperforms traditional approaches to targeting. We'll exceed expectations when delivering your key engagement metrics and do so with incredible brand lift. We stand by this and back it up campaign after campaign.

Multi-Level Targeting

Brand Safety

There are a lot of videos out there, and Clearstream helps prevent your ads from running against unfavorable, inappropriate, and most importantly misaligned content. By only supplying high quality streams, the chance for high-risk content is virtually eliminated. We also easily accommodate campaign-specific negative keyword and black lists in real-time.


Whether your target audience is broad or extremely granular, our expansive list of content categories help ensure your ads are seen by the right people in the right places.


We're flexible. Clearstream will help you craft the perfect campaign to achieve your brand's goal - perfect for trying something new.

We Understand What Makes Good Video.

In 2011, Clearstream was founded by advertising industry veterans as a standards and evaluation company that helped advertisers understand the video content they buy. After continuously ingesting, analyzing and indexing millions of video streams our technology grew to provide marketers immediate delivery to the best and most relevant inventory.



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