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targets beyond the page

Viewability remains a growing concern to marketers as they find new ways to drive deeper engagement with consumers. Our ClearView technology uses a dual-factor model that goes far beyond industry standards, reporting viewability rates by the second and increasing viewable impressions by 85% compared to industry standards.

The dual-factor model not only looks at inventory sources with videos that are above the fold, but also considers audience-avoidance along with a host of viewability metrics. This unique model allows Clearstream to reach audiences that are more likely to watch video and maintain view while targeting away from audiences that avoid video advertising by shifting away from content. This allows us to guarantee superior viewability rates with technology native to our platform, not layered on top of media buy at an additional cost.

Available integration with Adtricity and Integral AdSafe

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Play in View

Play-in-View requires the consumer to watch pre-roll in-view by politely pausing the player until it’s moved back in view in order to resume runtime and view their content.

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Stream Seed

We’ve turned native video publishing on its head to create a seamless solution that allows brands to participate directly with editorial video content. Using our proprietary targeting technology that lives inside the native video player, longer-form content is now tightly integrated within the stream. This provides brands with more contextual relevancy, increased viewability and higher brand awareness.

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Exclusive partnership with Set-Top-Box box and mobile data providers allows advertisers to target across all screen touch-points at massive scale. Clearstream leverages understanding of TV viewing habits that are actionable in real time. Our solution allows for 1:1 targeting of audiences based on view and non-view actions to achieve verifiable incremental audience reach efficiently.

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Trend Targeting

Reach millions of eyeballs by targeting content that is trending or going viral. Clearstream gives brands the chance to target appropriate videos that are seeing an significant influx in views, providing increased brand awareness as well as an expansive reach.

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Audience Targeting

Clearstream can identify and scale audiences based on relationships to specific brands and media across all sectors including automotive, CPG, tech, telecom, travel and retail. This allows you to reach brand audiences at scale.

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